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What is doing Cube App Maker?

Cube App Maker creates simple and affordable mobile applications for small business for iPhones, iPads, HTML5 and Androids.

What is an application for iPhone and Android?

An application for iPhone is a computer program that runs on iPhone. Mobile devices are a powerful marketing platform the benefits of which are needed to be used for small business.

An application for android is the same but is designed for the devices that are working with Android operational system.

What can you do with the help of our applications?

  • To communicate with your customers through PUSH-notifications.
  • To share information about your business with the help of built-in function Share with friends.
  • To help your customers get directions to your office from any part of the world with the help of GPS navigation.
  • To inform your customers of updates and sales.
  • To offer your customers coupons of discount right in their mobile phones.
  • To give an opportunity to your customers to call you with a single click of a button directly from mobile application
  • To build a loyalty program of customers loyalty and make them regular ones.
  • To amaze your customers, promote your business and ensure your presence in their mobile devices.
  • Our mobile application service packs are extremely affordable starting from 50 USD per month.

How can mobile applications help your business?

Smartphones with Android and iOS operational systems are capturing the world since users can use special programs that are making their life more comfortable. With the help of these applications users can find needed information or perform other needed operations directly from their mobile devices without using computers. With the help of our service you can inform your customers about your business, offer them your service and have your influence on them directly through their mobile devices. With the help of our service you can also build a loyalty program and make your occasional customers your permanent ones through a variety of coupons and sales supported by our offered mobile applications.

How can you create a program of loyalty using our applications?

Cube App Maker is a perfect solution for small businesses that want to build their loyalty program and make occasional customers their permanent ones. We provide this with the help of special functions supported by our mobile applications. Through this functions you can offer your customers coupons of discount that are activated when the customers agree to your established conditions, i.e. attending your business a certain number of times or doing a certain number of purchases, etc.

How does the system of coupons work?

When a customer visits your business (office, shop, salon) he/she can check-in through a special page in his/her mobile device with the help of built-in GPS navigation and then get a discount for the 10th or 20th visit or for any amount of visits that are defined by you. This system of coupons is fully customized for the needs of your business.

These coupons will appear as an image in your customers app and when the customer uses the coupon it can be deactivated by an administrator by just a click on a button in the customers mobile device and there is no need to print and check the coupon, the barcode, distribution of stickers, etc.

How much does an application by Cube App Maker cost?

You can see our prices:


What is included in the service?

  • Mobile applications for iPhone and Androids designed special for your business.
  • Preliminary moderation and support of publication of your app in App stores.
  • Support and maintenance of your mobile application.
  • Regular updates of the platform and your mobile application
  • And much more...

How was Cube App Maker created?

Cube App Maker was created by a group of developers who couldnt be indifferent to the fact that the development of applications costs a few thousand dollars that doesnt allow small businesses to be on the equal level with larger companies.

How do the PUSH-notifications work?

Do you want to inform a customer of any event such as a sale or new product? Cube App Maker offers you to send push-notifications directly to mobile devices of your customers. Nothing is easier!

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